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Renewing the Mind This March

The arrival of spring reminds us how seasons evolve and how too, we can emerge anew with conscious intention. Here are 5 areas to renew your mental and emotional health this March!

Release the Old - March begins a 3-month spring cleanse in both nature and many spiritual traditions. What lingering grief, pain, or old beliefs feel ready for releasing to usher in rejuvenation? Host your own ritual.

Nourish with Great Books - Long winter months often deprive us of adventures. Transport through novels or memoirs focused on growth. Bonus healing if the characters overcome hardship!

Green Up Your Life - Few things uplift mental health faster than being immersed in nature! Tend a garden, spend time in parks, welcome flowers indoors. Fresh sights renew.

Reset with Your Tribe - Loneliness and isolation tax wellbeing over time. Reach out, make dates, ask friends how they’re genuinely doing emotionally and spiritually. Share, too.

Start an Inspiration File - Cut out magazine clippings, print photos that ignite your spirit, add uplifting quotes. Anything to spark creativity and positivity so you remember your dreams. Vision boards are perfect for this reflective time of year!

What inspires your excitement for warmer seasons ahead?

The momentum builds in subtle ways through the everyday choices we make to nourish emotional reserves and remain open to new beginnings. Wishing everyone renewal in all facets of health this month! ☀️ What area resonates with you most to focus on?

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