Dr. Keyerra McClinton

Counselor Intern

Hello, I am Dr. KJ. I am a Counselor in training at the University of Western States where I received my Doctorate in Sport and Performance Psychology and am currently working on a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. 

My background is in athletics and recreation where I have spent several years coaching in aquatics, basketball, and elementary PE. Due to seeing a need for mental health advocacy in these populations, I decided to pursue further education to become a counselor. As a mental performance coach, I provide individual, group, and team consultations, webinars, and workshops to help individuals take their performance to the next level athletically, academically, and wherever their next transition may lead them.


As a counselor, I aim to provide mental health services that help to guide my clients on their journeys to wellness and healing. I aspire to bring my expertise in youth coaching and multi-level teaching to the team through my work with teens and young adults. I am passionate about empowering others and helping them to achieve change in their lives at their own pace. I am very adaptable, patient, and transparent which allows me to establish strong rapport with my clients. I am what many would call a people person as I truly enjoy getting to know others and be a part of their journey towards greatness no matter how long it takes. I am big on taking a “one-foot in” approach which I feel allows me to learn the most about others and appreciate the journeys and backgrounds from which they come.


I cannot wait to begin our journey together.

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